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Welcome, are you needing to update your kitchen, remodel your restroom, maybe have an addition done? We will do from the framing to the end of project. Diaz Construction is here for you.

From remodeling your Home or commercial building? Diaz Construction is local with over 30 years’ experience in remodeling or new construction.

Your commercial business may need specific renovations to enhance the image and function or maybe just an updated look. The interior of the building or retail space should be properly remodeled to enhance every opportunity available to attract new customers for increased revenue. Remodeling is the type of construction that accomplishes this goal.

To complete the project, you need an experienced local remodeling contractor who knows how to design and build the new space. With remodeling, certain aspects of the project may need to be permitted and then pass inspection. With Diaz Construction, all aspects of the project will be taken care of with local building code standards.

Call today to schedule a consultation. Whether your home or building needs extensive renovations or small remodel, our experienced team is here to help!

Framing, Remodeling, New Construction, Kitchen, Baths renovations. – All types of general contracting to full-scale repair. We will be here for you!

No worries we will have someone here to answer your calls. No need to leave a message we have a person in the office to answer your call or any questions you may have. So, Call Diaz Construction. M-F 8am – 5pm. Se Habla Espanol!